01. Mission and Vision

OSHAR's mission is to accomplish its commitment to a well-balanced and professional team with the goal of increasing customer success. For this reason, we are committed to providing a professional service system that meets the needs and needs of our customers, and take innovative steps for that.
The quality of our company and the profitability of this service can be determined by our customers when we cooperate with them. For this purpose, we would like to bring your company's "Your success to our goal" slogan.
Our company provides you with the organization and implementation of corporate governance standards, including the existing risk management system and risk map preparation, internal audit and internal control, organization and implementation o f human resource management and information technology standards, business development organization of marketing policy, preparation of long-term strategic plan, preparation of internal rules and regulations on division of activity, division of duties, identification of cases of controversial financial loss or abuse of office, accounting, outsourcing or cosoursing services, IT audit and so on.

02. Company's operating principles

Objectivity: Our company is always committed to the principle of objectivity in its activities, working with clients based on facts based on accurate and accurate information.
Independence: We can help our clients more efficiently in an independent business environment.
Professional Skills: As a result of our business, we can prove that we have a high quality result because we trust you and do not doubt our professionalism.
Privacy: Compliance with the principle of confidentiality, one of our company's key principles, is absolutely necessary and is always under control. It should be noted that both during and during the next period, any information about our customers is kept completely private. This commitment remains valid even after the completion of our contractual relationships. 

Director`s Message

Welcome to OSHAR corporate website!

OSHAR provides professional services to consultations, trainings and accounting areas for enterprises, organizations operating in manufacturing, construction, banking, insurance, leasing, industry and construction. We are ready to provide you with consulting services with our team of highly qualified professionals.
As you know, the economic crisis that has taken place in the world as well as in Azerbaijan has made renewal in organizations as well as changes in the financial sphere. Many organizations and organizations currently in the market want to cooperate with a company that is more efficient and profitable, minimizing risk, and providing expertise based on expert, internationally-based experience.
We believe that by using our knowledge and experience at the international level we have, we will give our recommendations to you on your actions to increase the effectiveness of your operations while increasing your financial risks.

What is OSHAR

O - is for openness

S - is for superb

H - is for hope

A - is for adaptable

R - is for rely